To create generational wealth. A big part of that is helping 1 Million families achieve financial freedom.

Admittedly, I’m still on my way,
Practicing each day,
Learning from mentors who have achieved
what less than 3% of people ever achieve

A big vision is worthless without execution. To achieve anything big requires a process.

Step one, then step two, then beyond. And milestones achieved along the path keep me inspired.

Milestone 1 – help 1 family to financial freedom (check mark)
Milestone 2 – help 10 families to financial freedom
Milestone 3 – help 50 families to financial freedom
Milestone 4 – help 100 families to financial freedom
Then beyond

Like Gary Keller says, whack away at the first domino until it’s toppled. Nothing else matters.

Will you and your family be the 3rd I help to financial freedom?